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Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics/Science Education (PROM/SE)

image for project PROM/SE Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education (PROM/SE) is a comprehensive research and development effort to improve mathematics and science teaching and learning in grades K-12, based on assessment of students and teachers, improvement of standards and frameworks, and capacity building with teachers and administrators.

PROM/SE encompasses nearly 60 school districts, 7,000 teachers and 300,000 students. 37% of these students come from impoverished homes. Phase II partners include Calhoun ISD, MI; Ingham ISD, MI; Michigan State University; and SMART Consortium, OH. Phase I partners also included: High AIMS Consortium, OH and St. Clair RESA, MI

PROM/SE utilizes a unique combination of research and practice. Detailed data from all students and teachers are gathered. All project activities stem from this data including focusing content standards, aligning standards with instructional materials and improving mathematics and science teaching. Evidence-based and content focused professional development improves the subject matter knowledge of mathematics and science teachers.

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Inequality for All: The challenge of unequal opportunity in American schools

"American students experience vast differences in content coverage across states, school districts and even from classroom to classroom, according to a new book co-written by William H. Schmidt of the…

Towards Coherence in Science Instruction: A Framework for Science Literacy

" This report details a conceptual framework for building science literacy through utilizing the PROM/SE 8+1 fundamental science concepts. One of the most powerful ideas underlying science is that a…

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Springing to Life: How Greater Educational Equality Could Grow from the Common Core Mathematics Standards

"Despite America's commitment to equal opportunity, the extent to which students are exposed to challenging mathematics content depends not only on which state they live in, but also on the…

Curriculum Coherence: An Examination Of US Mathematics And Science Content Standards From An International Perspective

"In recent years, US curriculum policy has emphasized standards-based conceptions of curricula in mathematics and science. This paper explores the data from the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)…

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MOSART Releases Test Items to MSPs

This site, available only to MSPnet members, allows you to request that MOSART tests be mailed to you, and also provides sample test questions and more information about the MOSART...

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Higher Education Partners

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School District Partners

  • Ingham Intermediate School District
  • Calhoun Intermediate School District
  • St. Clair County Regional Education Service Agency
  • High AIMS Consortium
  • Cincinnati Public Schools