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PROM/SE offers "The Evolution of Everything"


PROM/SE offers three inter-related sessions called "The Evolution of Everything", which will help science associates and teachers explain change in the physical and biological systems from the big scale to the small, including the origin and evolution of the universe, Earth and life.

"The concepts of physical and biological change run through the entire K-12 science curriculum," says Danita Brandt, PROM/SE director of science and a professor in MSU's Department of Geological Sciences. For example, talking about the breakdown of rocks and the development of soil are two small-scale changes that lie along the continuum of changes that began at the Big Bang.

The series which continues through the Spring started with the "Origin and Evolution of the Universe" and featured the Big Bang and the evolution of the elements from which all matter is made. Galaxies, stars and our solar system were discussed. The "Origin and Evolution of Earth" session picks up where "Universe" leaves off and addresses the driving question, "How did the surface of the Earth get to look like it does today?" Finally, "Origin and Evolution of Life" continues the theme of physical and organic change through time, and the issues that teachers face when teaching organic evolution.

Brandt notes that the PROM/SE science professional development helps teachers respond to questions about key scientific concepts from students at all levels. In parallel with the content, teachers also explore the nature of scientific inquiry and student scientific reasoning.