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PROM/SE Members

Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 45 PROM/SE members.

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user iconJacqueline BabcockProject StaffPROM/SE
user iconPeter BatesCo-PI, Project ParticipantMichigan State University
user iconSimon BillingeMichigan State University
user iconCathie BonnellProject Participant
user iconMary BouckProject Director, Project Professional DeveloperMichigan State University
user iconDanita BrandtProject ParticipantMichigan State University
user iconSusan BrownProject Professional DeveloperHigh AIMS Consortium
user iconCharles BucienskiOlivet Schools
user iconGail BurrillProject Participant, Workshop ParticipantMichigan State University
user iconAmita ChudgarProject StaffMichigan State University
user iconLeland CoganProject Staff, Advisory Board MemberMICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY
user iconDouglas EstryProject Director, Project ParticipantMichigan State University